Entrepreneurship: The First Stage to the Change — Greece


Programme & action: ERASMUS+, Key Action 1: Training Course

Venue: Zakynthos, Greece

Dates: 5-13 April 2018

Participants: Radek Lunda, Nikola Škodáková

Please read the info-pack.

Participants’ fee: €20

Participating countries: Greece, Cyprus, Italy, Malta, Czech Republic, Spain, Bulgaria, Poland, Turkey

Hosting organisation: NECI Greece 

Project report: 

I have to admit, that these eight days were something, none of Czech team will ever forget. Whole project was settled in Island of Zakynthos, Greece, about one hour from port Kilini. Training course started on 5. of April 2018 with arrival of all teams, little desoriented, but curious what is going to happen in next 8 days. Teams were from Malta, Bulgaria, Italy, Spain, Turkey, Greece, Cyprus and from Czech republic.

Now its right time to thank for all hard work three facilitatos Xianthia and Renosa which were there for us all the time, their NGO is called Neci Greece and they are about to create many more interesting projects, I am sure of that. Their impressive workshops and activities contributed to overal knowledge about Greece ecenomic situation, tax policy, national policy and other experiences shared among participants. There is no doubt they had impact on all our team, we have a lot to think about.

Program of whole training course was quiet busy, we had a breakfast in 9:30 and right after that we started actvities in teams together till 18:00-19:00. Which was not only time to practise english, but also look at the topic from different angles, angles of people from other countries with different cultural background, diferent level of understandings.

Main topic of the Training was to able to understand the basic level of what it takes to be a entrepreneurship.

If I look back, it is fascinating how people can work together, think and create new ideas, propose solutions to different situations, this is possible when they have common interests, passion and willinegnes to be educatited. We have also experienced a lot from Greece culture, specially Easter traditions. Performance in local restaurants, easter tradition, traveling, architecture and local people whith which we had been recording interview about the topic. I have to add that big advatage was that in whole area of island where project took a hold was not any internet connection for me, which I highly recommend to all participants. This social network diet is refreshing.

I can honestly say that all Czech team is missing people from other teams already, we have build up many relationships and are invited to other countries for visit. We had many workshops and speaches about the ways to start business or own projects . All czech team is aware about  culture, food, traditions and some local people. I am glad for that

To sum up? We will not forget this beautiful, mesmerising and enriching 8 days of training ever. Thank you also to EYCB that we all could have been part of this training course.

Bc. Radek Lunda

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