Erasmus Access — Hungary


Programme & action: ERASMUS+, Key Action 1: Training course 

Venue: Nagybörzsöny, Hungary

Dates: 5-13 October 2018

Participants: Martin Zeman, Irena Klempářová, Natálie Gáborová

Please read the info-pack and daily programme.

Hosting organisation: TE IS Foundation  

Project report: 

Hello! So the 5/10/2018 me and other 3 from Czech Republic  travelled to hungary Nagybörzsöny on a training course Erasmus Access, it is a small village next to Budapest. I loved everything there the food was delicious the people were nice there and evan the weather was beautifull sunshine the whole week. The organisers were really kind and sweet helped us with everything and even planed the project really good, they planed great activities for us and evan games that made us think about our eveyday life more and maybe change some things on how we see the world. I met the most kind hearted youngsters we clicked the night we got to the hotel, and it was really sad that we had to say goodbye the 13/10/2018. To be honest i would go back any day. The great thing was that me and a young beautiful girl from budapest that i met at the training course  are working on a project which will be a training in budapest aimed on arts (music, writing and drawing). Thank you EYCB for excisting because if it wasnt for you we wouldent have this opportunity so thank you again. 

Irena Klempářová

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