Training for Youth Workers on Inclusion of Refugees — Turkey


ERASMUS+, Key Action 1: training course

Venue: Eskişehir, Turkey

Dates: 10—18 November 2023

National team: 3 participants 

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Hosting organisation: Birlikte Yasam Dernegi

Project report:

The project called “Training for Youth Workers on Inclusion of Refugees’ ‘ was an event attended by participants from several countries – Czech republic, Italy, Romania, Estonia, Macedonia, Netherlands, Turkey and Poland to discuss and learn from facilitators as well as each other new information about inclusion of refugees. Place of residence of the project was the beautiful Turkish city Eskisehir. Everyone was included in non-formal and informal types of learning and shared openly individual experiences and opinions on the topic. 

The project focused on the topic of inclusion of refugees for participants to develop a level of understanding of this complicated and very up-to-date phenomenon and to gain insight on how to improve and coordinate help in youth centres in particular. Participants presented and learned about the situation of refugees in their home countries and also about the difficult situation in Turkey. During this week we engaged mainly in group activities, discussions, group presentations and presentations of the trainers specialised in this field. Facilitators also included into the training course a very interesting topic of psychosocial support to show us how to help traumatised refugees sensitively and efficiently. 

One day we also had a chance to enjoy each other’s culture – an event called intercultural night. Participants learned traditional dances from diverse cultures and also tasted traditional food.

There was also a visit organised by facilitators in an NGO working with refugees in Eskisehir for participants to see how they help those in need. This experience was very enriching. We saw food banks, clothes banks and discussed the local refugee situation. Thanks to the facilitators we were also introduced to Turkish cuisine because they brought us to a local Turkish restaurant to taste delicious Turkish food. 

The final product of this very engaging week was a recommendation paper completed by mutual effort of several team groups. Participants actively created a list of steps and methods to improve inclusion of refugees by youth centres and organisations. 

I would like to sincerely thank our facilitators for the huge effort they made to include everyone throughout the whole project. Program was excellently organised. On this project people from all over Europe made new friends and acquired new knowledge about inclusion of refugees and got to learn more about different cultural backgrounds of each other as well. Surely, participants will use this experience to spread awareness on the topic and hopefully make a more peaceful and open environment for refugees in their home countries. 


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