EU Defence Project: Debating the Future of Europe & Challenging Euroscepticism: A Journey Into Media Literacy to Fight Eurosceptic Narratives — 4th meeting – North Macedonia


Programme: Europe for CitizensStrand 1 „European Remembrance“, 4th meeting of a multi-phase project

Dates: 20—23 June 2022

Venue: Demir Kapija, North Macedonia

This meeting is a part of a multiphase project „DEBATING THE FUTURE OF EUROPE AND CHALLENGING EUROSCEPTICISM: A JOURNEY INTO MEDIA LITERACY TO FIGHT EUROSCEPTIC NARRATIVES” Report from its kick-off meeting can be viewed here. Report from the 3rd meeting is available here.

Czech national team size: 2

Please read the info-pack.

Participating countries: Albania, Belgium, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Greece, Hungary, Italy, Kosovo, Malta, Poland, Portugal, North Macedonia, Romania, Slovenia, Spain

Hosting organisation: ALPHABET FORMATION

Please read the project handbook. This multi-phase project consists of five mobilities:

International Meetings:

  1. kick-off meeting: 17–20 February 2020., Bruxelles, Belgium
  2. meeting: 28 September–2 October 2020, Bucharest, Romania
  3. 21-24 February 2022, Rijeka, Croatia
  4. 20-23 June 2022, Demir Kapija, North Macedonia

Project description:

Our EU open democratic societies depend on the ability of citizens to access a variety of verifiable information so that they can form a view and participate in an informed way in public debates on different political issues.

  • Journalism, information and war in Ukraine: mutual influences and the role of information
  • Building European Citizenship Skills through Media

Literacy Education

  • The aim of media literacy
  • Digital inclusion-Critically evaluate different aspects of the media
  • The key 21st-century media skills for an active and full citizenship
  • The Russian Propaganda in Ukrainian War

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