Fake News Are Worse than Bad News — Romania


Programme: Erasmus+, Key Action 1: youth exchange

Venue: Busteni, Romania

Dates: 7—16 September 2021

National group size: 5+1GL

Please read the info-pack & daily activities schedule

Účastnící se země: Bulgaria, Greece, Italy, Poland, Spain, Czechia and Romania 


Project description

FAKE NEWS ARE WORSE THAN BAD NEWS”” is an exchange of young people with 7 countries of the program: Bulgaria, Greece, Italy, Poland, Spain, Czechia and Romania, which will run between 7-16 september 2021 and brings together 42 participants (35 young people and 7 group leaders).

The project takes place in a context in which the media of all kinds is assaulted by fake news in order to produce panic, confusion, conflicts, attacks on the person, discrimination etc.

The aim of the project is to increase the degree of responsibility of young people in managing fake news. 

Main objectives are:

  1. strengthen for 10 days the power of discernment of 42 participants from 7 countries in recognizing fake news and combating their propagation
  2. increasing for 42 participants from 7 countries the responsibility of behavior in society and social networks for eliminating hate speech and electronic violence generated by fake news
  3. Stimulating the creativity of 42 participants from 7 countries through media creation and forum theater in generating tools and solutions to prevent attacks and the effects of fake news

Participants’ profile:

  • member / volunteer within the partner associations or belonging to the sending community
  • age between 16-24 years
  • knowledge of the english language that allows easy integration into activities and active contribution to workshops
  • team spirit, empathy, active participation and responsibility for individual and team tasks
  • thematic motivation and interest for personal development and improvement of skills
  • an attitude of respect, tolerance and peaceful coexistence in a strong intercultural environment and abstaining from any tendency of hatred, having in addition the desire to find solutions to the identified case law and then apply them in the community
  • 3 participants in each national group should be with fewer opportunities : NEET,unemployed,from poor areas or affected by incidetnts created by fake newsThe methodology is based on non-formal education, practical and experiential learning and was created together with the young people adapting methods practiced in other projects to the specific conditions of the thematic, partnership, learning objectives and proposed activities ensuring equal access and active involvement of all participants.

The final results will be:

  • 5 posters made in workshop 2 based on the documentation from the research phase
  • 8 scenes from the workshop 5 that offer solutions to the cases of fake news, collected in a video montage
  • the results of the campaign “Fake news are worse than bad news”: 4 posters and 4 flyers from the PRINT sub-workshop, 3 films in the VIDEO sub-workshop and 2 forum plays in the FORUM sub-workshop reflected in a video montage
  • The magazine “Fake News” will be completed by mobility and will bring together the products of the thematic workshops: posters and collages from the first workshop, the conclusions of the debates in workshop 1, 3 and of “world coffee” in workshop 4, the scenarios of the sketches in workshop 5, “the pieces of art “from the land-art activity, photos from the activities and testimonies of the participants together with the screenplays of the films and theaters in the campaigns and the photographs of the posters and flyers.
  • The Facebook page created by young people during the project will contain the products listed above, in
    addition to the daily mobility journal.

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