FlowFactor — Latvia


ERASMUS+, Key action 1: training course

Venue: Drusti, Latvia

Dates: 20—29 April 2024

Czech team: 2 participants.

Please read the info-pack. 

Hosting organisation: Klubs Maja

Project report:

Latvian countryside has provided us with all the seasons in mere 9 days, while hosting us for the FlowFactor, a training course of sustainable team management that has started on the 20th April 2024. Besides two Czechs, there were 14 other participants from Italy, Romania, Bulgaria and Greece ready to work not only on their team management skills, but mainly on themselves.

The trainers welcomed us with a very human approach. With their guidance we have created a safe space for ourselves not to “play safe”. During the project, we were able to share our deepest worries or vulnerabilities with each other, knowing we won’t be willingly judged – rather given honest feedback or guidance. And that is something truly special, an atmosphere to be grateful for.

Thanks to the atmosphere, a lot of learning opportunities have been fostered, allowing us to leave our comfort zone and step into the learning zone as much as possible! And that is desperately needed to grow into a good leader of a sustainable team.

For many of us, it was not a smooth ride though. There was pressure, emotions, long homeworks, sometimes lack of sleep or problems with heating. All that culminated in “the big experiment”, a day of training that was fully organized by us participants, including all the cooking 🙂 That’s how you put all the theory and experiences of prior days into practice!

After such a rollercoaster, what a blast it was to be rewarded with a hot sauna – and cold lake outside. A great way to relax after hard work and strengthen the connections and relationships we’ve made throughout the week.

Jan K.

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