Follow your dreams — Turkey


Date: 13-20 April 2012

Venue: Cappadocia, Turkey

Age limit: 18-25

Number of participants: 4+1 GL

Participants: Jan Buchalcev, Katka Martínková, Šárka Martínková, Josef Putík, Jiří Sixta.

Project report:

Project Follow Your Dreams took place in Turkey, in the city of Kirsehir,  in the following ates 12-20 April 2012. The participating countries were: CZ, Poland, Italy, Portugal and Turkey.

The topic of this youth exchange was very pressing – employment, the transition from the life of a student to the life of a working person, unemployment and other problems connected to this topic. Every teams task was to film a video where this issue would be introduced. Having watched these videos gave us a clear idea about the (un)employment situation in the participating countries.

During the project we also took part in topic-related workshops, including drama acitvities themed discrimination in the workplace.

Every evening one of the participating national groups prepared a presentation about their country including dances, quizzes and food and drink tasting. These evening activities gave us interesting information about the participants countries.

The project programme wasnt very strict and besides the above mentioned activities we had the opportunity to travel around the beautiful area of Cappadocia and other fascinating places. We had a good taste of Turkish cuisine and Turkish traditions. Turkish organizers tried their very best to make our programme as fund and diverse as possible and they also tried to show us the best of Turkey.

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