FOOD Connects – Slovenia


Programme & action: ERASMUS+, Key Action 1: training course

Venue: Celje, Slovenia

Dates: 1-8 July 2015

Participants: Eliška Divoká, Jana Broulíková, Lukáš Štěpka

Participants’ fee: €50

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Host organization: Association of innovative approaches of healthy lifestyle (Društvo inovativnih pristopov zdravega načina življenja)

Participating countries: Slovenia, Czech Republic, Italy, Romania, Portugal

Project report:

Healthy lifestyle is nowadays really important topic, which should be good presented also to youngsters. We spent the beginning of July in beautiful city of Celje, Slovenia at contact making seminar, which represented the first interaction between 15 youth workers from 5 different countries (Slovenia, Czech Republic, Romania, Portugal and Italy).

Aim of this project was not only to share our current knowledge and experiences with each other, but also to create a platform for work on this topic in future. It means that we have completed the idea of the website which allows us to stay in touch, share our new experiences and provide new information for people interested in this topic.

And because next important aim was to prepare new Erasmus+ projects focused on this topic and how to apply for its realization, so now we can say “Yes, it’s a bureaucracy… But actually it is not as bad as we expected.” 🙂 The events we have prepared are amazing, so prepare for another interesting, useful and amusing projects next summer!


Between all these activities we have had some leisure time that we spent by exploring the city and its beautiful centre, biking along incredibly clean and nice river, visiting a nearby castle, swimming and stand-up paddling on a lake or just having fun with others. Basically we spent wonderful nine days with wonderful people by learning new skills and information, preparing great things for future and having one – can you imagine better beginning of holidays?

Lukáš Štěpka 

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