For a Society without Violence — Turkey


Date: 18-24 November 2012

Venue: Aksaray, Turkey

Pax: Magda Hocková, Jiří Horák, Kamila Myslíková, Eva Doležalová, Lucia Marková, Kateřina Nováková, Michaela Charvátová

Programme and Action: Youth in Action programme, Action 1.2.

Project report:

Between 18th November and 24th November, group consisting of me and six other people from the Czech Republic, attended international project „For a Society Without Violence“.

Everything started on 18th November with our arriving to Turkish town Aksaray and following accommodation. Second day in the morning, we met our Romanian and Lithuanian colleagues, and that’s when entire program started. All activities were interesting and entertaining as most of them involved group work, discussion and team building.

We visited a few places there. First of them was the local high school where we spent all the time with local students. They were quite excited to talk to us about our country, especially about the famous Czech football players. Meeting local students and watching how their lessons look like was really good experience for us. Second place we visited was the Police Academy, where we had an interview with local press about our project.

Our group activities didn’t take place in hotel only, but we also had a chance to create a campaign against violence in local shopping center. We drew big pictures which were supposed to say something about violence to people who had been passing by.

While it may seem so, our visit of Turkey wasn’t only about prepared activities. We spent the Wednesday evening in a small tearoom. We had been drinking special Turkish tea, smoked water pipes, talked about our countries and sang national songs. Last day of the project, we gladly took a trip to Cappadocia – region with old rock towns and stunning views.

For the majority of the Czech group, this was first experience with this type of project and I think, that all of us enjoyed it. We could see new places and meet nice people from different countries. Who wouldn´t like experience like that?

Magda Hocková

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