Create a Better Future — Slovenia


ERASMUS+, Key Action 1: youth exchange

Venue: Salovci, Slovenia

Dates: 11—21 October 2022

National team size: 5 participants (aged 16-30) + 1 group leader (18+)

Please read the info-pack. 

Hosting organisation: Association Connect

Project description:

Social entrepreneurship and the mindset it advocates are extremely important these days. We believe that young people should be more familiar with this area, because they are the ones who are increasingly facing many challenges and uncertainties about their future. We live in a time when excessive consumption and the pursuit of ever-increasing profits prevail. Unfortunately, such a mentality destroys our environment as well as our society and our values.

Participation in this youth exchange will help young people to become more familiar with the topic of social entrepreneurship. It will also encourage them to become aware of the importance of strengthening their competences, intercultural awareness, personal development, empowerment and active citizenship. The aim of the youth exchange is to raise young people’s awareness of social entrepreneurship, introduce them to the opportunities it offers and awaken in them an entrepreneurial mindset and what benefits they can create for the local community in this way.

In addition to learning about social entrepreneurship, this project will help young people involved in developing their ideas, which will help them become more engaged, active and empowered citizens who will confidently advocate and contribute to positive changes in society and a better future.

This youth exchange will take place in Salovci, Slovenia and will bring together young people from six European countries: Slovenia, Poland, Italy, Czech Republic, Bulgaria and Portugal. Through this project, young people from 6 countries will live together for 11 days. Project will enable young participants to debate about the topic of social entrepreneurship. Participants
will also be encouraged to think about the world around them, to express themselves and to think about the ideas with which they could improve the existing situation in their communities.

The methods of work will be in the form of non-formal education and learning from a practical work. The activities of the project will be various and participants will have the chance to enjoy different methodologies such as icebreakers, energizers, warm up activities, group work, discussions, learning by doing, inter-cultural nights and outdoor activities included in a series of workshops and activities connected with environmental protection and recycling. This project is also a great opportunity for young people to learn about another country, culture, language, broaden their horizons and get new ideas for the future.

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