Get Active – United Kingdom


Programme & action: Youth in Action programme, action 4.3. training course

Venue: Newcastle upon Tyne, United Kingdom

Dates: 19-29 May 2014

Participants: Radim Švehla, Barbora Bouchalová

Participating countries: UK (host), Czech Republic, Romania, Belgium, Croatia, Slovenia and Italy.

Project info

Thanks a lot. Thanks to our leaders from Opportunity for a great project Get active which was taken in Newcastle upon Tyne – Great Britain (19th – 29th June). We have had a wonderful group of participants (two members from the Czech Republic, Turkey,  three from Croatia, Italy and Slovinia).

Training course Get aktive was interested in healthy lifestyle, human rights and questions about racism, prejudices in our mind and in society of different states.

Programme was well prepared and we played a lot of games and did a lot od activities about the main topic – helthy lifestyle, human rights and also we learned a lot of cooperative games and games to know each others. I thing that because of it we became a wonderful group of people which was doing everything together. We didn´t have any prejudices about the others.

Almost everyday, we started the day with yoga and doing some energizer activities such as acroyoga, pilates, running, jogging. It was a nice start of day which gave us a new energy. We played outdoor games when the sun let us to go out. Some of the games were football, hunters and deer, ninja, hi-ha-ho samurai. Through debates and discusions we get closer to the topic of human rights and prejudices, media and we also learned a lot about lifestyle in other countries.

We lived in a nice place next to the sea in nice hotel called Rex hotel which was looking like a indol from Harry Potter movie. Each day we went to eat to restaurant in the city. I thing that it was a great idea becuase we tried a lot of type sof cuisines.


I think that this course was very useful and gave me a lot to my personal and professional life. A lot of thinks I can use in my work with young people and a lot of thinks changed my point of view. Thanks a lot!

Barbora Bouchalová

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