CreARTive feelings – Poland


Programme & action: ERASMUS+, Key Action 1: youth exchange

Venue: Będzin, Poland

Youth exchange dates: 13-22 July 2015

APV dates: 9-10 May 2015

Participants: Lukáš Zindler, Jan Kubinec, Marie Pokorná, Jan Vítů,  Marcela Pátková, Kristýna Liptáková, Zbyněk Zelinka, Patrik Neubauer, Jan Pitra

Group leader: Daniel Hochman

Please read the info-pack & daily programme.

Host organization: Sarmatia Ars Bendzinensis

Project report:

Hi guys, I m so glad, that I could take part in this project which was held in Poland with 9 other Czech people. It started on 13th of July. We were excited about the theme ,,CreARTive feelings”. The project ended on 22th of July. There were participated approximately ten people from each country: Czech Republic, Lithuania, Romanian, Italia and hosting Poland, which means 50 people at all.

            Thanks for the perfect preparation and organization of our boss – Adam and thanks to the leaders Alex, Agné, Sario and Antonin. It was amazing to spend ten whole days filled of all kinds of information, games and workshops. We were singing, painting, making movies and photos and we had also discussion about europien identity. We stayed in rooms for 3 people and the accommodation was very pleasant.

            In the evenings we enjoyed special times, where we presented our state (quiz time), next night was about music and dance, where we were dancing and showing our traditional songs. The last intercultural evening we had Food time, where we cooked typical czech meals. The finale of the program was gala concert where we were singing czech song and special song about Europe.

             Thanks a lot every single people for the greatest moment. I am really looking forward to beeing accepted in another project.

Daniel Hochman

I was really glad to take part of that great project in Bedzin like CreArtive feelings was. I didn t expect that could be so positive experience. I have learnt a lot about other culture and languages. All evenings were dedicated to knowing different nations. The only negative part was I wished to learn more on the workshops which were more focused on competion that on learning/training. The equipment we could use and the combination of both indoor and outdoor space where tooked place our activities was perfect. Especially the palace where we could sing last day was really nice surprise for us. I especially appreciate the organization of Wojtek who was actively participating on this project whole time and help and support of all polish participants which deserve thanks.

Kristýna Liptáková

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