Plural Perspectives: Promoting Diversity Awareness — Romania


ERASMUS+, Key action 1: training course

Venue: Bucharest, Romania

Dates: 4—12 March 2024

Czech team: 2 participants

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Hosting organisation: COSI Association

Project report:

From March 4th to 12th 2024, a group of people representing 10 different countries came together in Bucharest, Romania for a training course called “Plural Perspectives: Promoting Diversity Awareness”, which was hosted by a Romanian organization COSI.

The main topic of the project was discrimination – learning about the socio-cultural obstacles to achieving equal rights, talking about EU values and tolerance in local communities. We did so via various discussions, interesting activities and games about the topic.

We first started with a more theoretical approach to what discrimination is, how to identify it and how to combat it, and in the second half of the week we were more practical. The most interesting activity for me was when we were divided into groups and spent the whole day creating videos to educate young people about the topic.

For example, my team chose the topic of inequality between men and women and we processed how the experience of going home alone at night is different for both genders. We collected answers from people on the streets of Bucharest and managed to collect almost a hundred different answers. Other groups worked on, for example, discrimination against the LGBT community or immigrants in a foreign country.

We also spent one afternoon visiting the Bucharest centre for young Roma and Ukrainian refugees, which was a very interesting experience. We spent an afternoon with them, they presented how the centre works and we told them about Erasmus+ projects. In the evening, we had dinner with them, for which we ate Luca –  a traditional Bucharest street food.

We also had an interesting program in the evening. Of course, cultural evenings were an important part of the project. Each evening, selected participants prepared a talk about their country, we did fun quizzes, sang, danced and tasted traditional food. One evening we also watched a film together that was related to the theme of our project – Gadjo Dilo. It is about a French man who gets into the Roma community and we can observe the language barrier and their different habits. It was great that the film was both entertaining and informative.

Overall, I really liked the project. I met people of many different nationalities and learned a lot of new things about other cultures. There was not a moment when I was bored on the project, because the program was really full of very interesting activities. Moreover, the COSI team was really professional and they created a great and safe environment for us. I would highly recommend going with them if you have the opportunity, as well as visiting Romania.

Anežka B.

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