Free(lance) Yourself — Great Britain


ERASMUS+, Key Action 1: youth exchange

Advance Planning Visit (APV): London, Great Britain, 2—5 October 2022. APV was attended by the Czech group leader Tereza Půstová + one Czech participant Klára Zborovská. Please read the APV info-pack.

APV report: From 2nd – 5th October we took part in a preparatory meeting for Youth Exchange Free(lance) Yourself which will take place in November. We had a chance to meet participants from different countries and discuss the content of workshops. We’ve enjoyed the experience and are looking forward to more exciting meetings!

Tereza Půstová

Youth exchange: Reading, Great Britain, 22—30 November 2022

National team: Tereza Půstová (GL), Klára Zborovská, Anna Nevídalová, Jan Holý, The Minh Bui (Miloš)

Please read the youth exchange info-pack. 

Hosting organisation: Activist Entrepreneurs

Project report:

In November 2022 (22nd – 30th) the Czech group, consisting of four participants and one group leader, took part in a youth exchange “Free(lance) yourself which was implemented in beautiful Streatley, United Kingdom. Along with participants from various countries, including Lithuania, Turkey, Greece, Croatia, United Kingdom, and Romania, we explored the world of business from the perspective of young people and gained some useful knowledge.

During the youth exchange, each country took turns preparing workshops on assigned topics concerning freelancing which we then discussed together as a whole group and shared our own experiences. For example, our group was in charge of preparing workshops including topics such as successful business stories, where do freelancers find a job, or youth policy and youth employment.

A crucial part of the project was to prepare a presentation of our own country and culture which we shared with others during the intercultural evening. This gave us an opportunity to get to know each other better as well as to taste some amazing food and drinks from all over the world.

Overall, the youth exchange was an amazing experience filled with knowledge and amazing people. A big thanks goes to the organizers, Umut and Andreja, for making sure that the whole project was enjoyable for each one of us and taking care of all the logistics. I would definitely recommend taking part in a project with the Activist Entrepreneurs youth group and hopefully it was not my last youth exchange with them.

Tereza Půstová

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