AEITHALES: Think Green — Greece


ERASMUS+, Key Action 1: youth exchange

Venue: Glamping “Nisi” – Raches Fthiotidos, Greece

Dates: 21 September—2 October 2023

Advance Planning Visit (APV): 25—27 August 

National team: 6 participants  + 1 group leader 

Please read the info-pack. Please also read the project press release: AEITHALES THINK GREEN_PRESS RELEASE

Hosting organisation: Educational Organization (E.O.) Sharp Minds

Project report

Our project “Think Green” started on the 21st night of september, when we’ve all arrived at the airport of Athens not knowing what is right behind the corner. There were almost 50 people whose faces i didn’t know. 

The first couple of days were mainly focused on getting to know each other, especially the names. We were introduced to climate change and terms like greenwashing. For some activities we had to do our own research, make our own eco-friendly product, do a fashion show with clothes from recycled materials, but one of the most favourite activities was a debate, where everyone got their role and we had to make an agreement on what to do with a town in Turkey, where people were getting sick from dust. It was based on a real life situation and it helped us develop critical thinking and creating our own opinions. 

 Evenings belonged to the cultural nights, where each country presented some fun/interesting facts about their country, taught us their dances and brought snacks and drinks for us to try. 

The organizators were there for us every step of the way, despite having a very difficult weather. Suddenly, 11 days flew by and we are sitting on the bus going home. There are almost 50 people whose faces are more than familiar, because we have shared some very beautiful memories, laughs and even cries from saying goodbyes. I couldn’t reccomend going on a project more. You will learn a lot, make many friendships and enjoy every part of it – good or bad. 

 Our sending organisation (EYCB)  was always just an email or a call away, if we needed them, but thankfully there weren’t any difficulties and everything was clear.

So if you’re still thinking about it, don’t be afraid to take the step and go.


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