Youth and Art: a story of inclusion – Bulgaria


Dates: 10-17th September 2020

Venue: Uzana (Gabrovo region), Bulgaria

Programme & action: ERASMUS+: Youth, Key action 1: youth exchange (YE)

If you would like to apply for this youth exchange, please read carefully Infopack – YE Youth and Art 

Hosting organization: IYAC Bulgaria

Age: 16-30 (Group leader without age limit)

Participating countries:  Bulgaria, Serbia, Czech Republic, Croatia, Romania, Portugal and Greece

Czech participants: Pavlína Široká, Kristina Hakenová, Kristýna Nguyenová, Veronika Pončíková, Miroslav Obadálek (GL)

Photos from the project you can find here.

Project report:

The project „Youth and Art: a story of inclusion“ took place in Uzana, Gabrovo Region, Bulgaria from 10th of September to 17th of September 2020. We were part of the Czech team, the other national teams participating were Bulgaria, Croatia, Portugal, Greece, Serbia and Romania. The Czech team consisted of 5 people, 4 girls and 1 boy. Our main topic was migration and most of the activities were aimed to that topic. We talked about our thoughts, shared our personal experience and brainstormed about the problems and the advantages migration brings. Throughout the whole week we also used art a lot as a way of expression which helped us to get ourselves of our comfort zones. We also organized an event for public in the city of Gabrovo. We created several games and workshops related to migration and cultural differences. We were nicely surprised by the number of local people who came and participated. We all really enjoyed the week we spent in Bulgaria and we are bringing back home unforgettable memories and lots of new friends from all around Europe.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       Miroslav Obadálek



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