From Nature to Future — Turkey


Termín konání: 10-18 May 2013

Místo konání: Kuşadası, Turkey

 Programme and action: Youth in Action programme, action 1.1. youth exchange

Pax: Petra Němcová, Jan Vacek, Tereza Winklerová, Veronika Žďárková, Tomáš Černocký, Marcela Pinterová

Participating countires: Turkey, Czech Republic, Lithuania, Slovenia, Italy

Project report:

Project FROM NATURE TO FUTURE was at the beautiful location Kusadasi in Turkey. We got up with a view of the sea and ate dinner with the sunset over the sea. The environment was really beautiful.

But, the project organized unsuccessful. There was only little activitis team building, workshops and games … Individual teams stay together and did not built team. There was no connection with theme of the project. It was not secure enough food. We did not get paid for inputs sights. There were long pauses between activities.

The biggest success had some international evenings. We learned a lot of interesting things about the participants from other countries and tasted their national specialties. I was surprised that the Turkish team did not have international evening. Homegroups are usually the best.
Finaly it was pleasant week with nice people, I do not feel that we have done a great job unfortunately.

Marcela Pinterová

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