FurNature Up and Recycling — Austria


Programme: ERASMUS+, Key Action 1: training course

Dates: 9—17 April 2022

Venue: Strengberg, Austria

Please read the info-packdaily activities schedule.

Hosting organisation: Arbeitskreis Noah. Verein für Sozialpädagogik und Jugendtherapie

Participating countries: Czech Republic, Slovenia, Italy, Serbia, Spain, Ukraine, Russian Federation, Armenia

Czech participants: Marija Furletová, Klára Jonášová, Tereza Navrátilová

Project report:

The FurNature project was focused on environmental issues, but mainly on recycling old materials and furniture into new ones. During the workshops, we explored the areas of material recycling, sustainability and reusing etc. The main program of the project was the production of garden furniture, garden boxes or any type of furniture that we invented. We had the opportunity to consult our ideas and projects with an expert, so the work was always successful. I consider working with tools, electric saws, grinders and similar equipment to be the most interesting and instructive. This increased my competence for manual work and now I can repair, build or beautify the furniture myself. The project was filled with a lot of outdoor activities, campfires, games and in this way we had the opportunity to establish new international friendships and maybe also future cooperation.
                                                                                                                         Klára Jonášová

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