Gender Perspectives in Europe — Armenia


Programme and action: Youth in Action programme, action 3.1. PBA

Dates: 14-21 September 2013

Venue: Yerevan, Armenia

Pax: Michal Bernát, Miroslav Prokeš

Project report:

Project Gender Perspective in Europe was organized by the Armenian progressive youth in the capital of Armenia Yerevan. The project brought together 42 young people from 22 different countries of Europe, which follows a diverse group from all over Europe have predicted it will be a very interesting project.

The aim of project was to bring together organisations and groups from Europe in order to enhance their cooperation in the field of gender and give them a platform to develop new projects and ideas within possibilities given under Youth in Action Programme .

The first part of the project included familiarization with the concept and functioning the Partnership Building Activity . The organizers have prepared an interesting game ideal joined of the theory of PBA . Then we are collectively dealt with the issue of equality between men and women. It was very interesting topic and originated a very interesting and passionate discussions. During the project we visited two local organizations addressing gender issues , it was very interesting and impressive meeting .

We lived in the center of Yerevan, only one kilometer from the presidential palace . In the background of our hotel loomed beautiful mountain Ararat where, according to legend, Noah’s Ark landed.

Armenia to me left a strong impression , one with a kind of mix of Turkish architecture and culture with southern european states and also people on the street are very pleasant and nice.

Thank you for this training course

Michal Bernát

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