We Know Our Rights — Slovenia


Termín konání: 1-10. říjen 2019

Místo konání: Moravske Toplice, Slovenia

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Programme & action: ERASMUS+, Key Action 1: Youth exchange

Venue: Moravske Toplice, Slovenia

APV (advance planning visit) dates: 10-12 July 2019

Youth exchange dates: 1-10 October 2019

Participants: Tereza Hanková, Tereza Jirásková, Kristina Lattová, Michaela Pácaltová

Host organisation: Connect, drustvo za promocijo aktivnega drzavljanstva, socialno podjetje

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Participating countries: Slovenia, Hungary, Slovakia, Italy, Croatia, Czech Republic


„We Know Our Rights”, that was the name of my very first youth exchange in which I took part. This project was happening in Panonska Vas, a place near Moravské Toplice in Slovenia during the period from 1st to 11th October 2019. Our Czech team was composed of four Czech and one Slovak girls and there we met seven other Slovaks, four Italians and three Ukrainians, who represented the Hungarian team.  And some people from Slovenia as well, mainly our two leaders – Sara and Kaja, who took care of everything during the project.

The topic of this youth exchange was human rights so most of our activities were connected to it. Through these eleven days we played many games through which we learnt what the human rights are and we talked about our gained knowledge and exchanged our opinions in many interesting discussions.

But still we had plenty of time for getting to know each other better, sharing our cultures and making new friendships. During the day we played many „energizers” and trust games which helped us with making the friendships and after dinner we had national evenings when every team has space to represent their country, teach something the others – usually the traditional dance and some basic vocabulary, or show little from the national cousine.

And this still was not enough for us and we continued having fun into late night hours.

We also got the possibility to take part in creating the daily program and each team got one workshop to prepare. For example, our team go „Inclusion and Active Citizenship” so we prepared a game for the other participants in which they tried how it feels to have some disability and how to cooperate with each other in the team so no one was left behind.

But we didn’t spend all the time in Panonska Vas. One day was kind of a relax day and we visited the closest thermal park in Moravské Toplice.

Two days later we went for a trip to Murska Sobota. But it wasn’t just an ordinary trip, we had one task there. We were split into different teams and each team got one red paper clip and our task was to go to the town and try to exchange it with the local. For anything. This was really fun! We were quite surprised how nice to local people were and we had great time playing this game. And the results were interesting!

So, to sum it up – during those eleven days we had many opportunities to learn as well as to have fun. We learnt about the human rights, about ourselves, different cultures, we worked on our language skill and skills to be with each other, work with each other. Some great friendships were made and with that a big need to travel more, discover and feel Europe.

I would recommend this experience to everyone!

 Aneta Kruželová 

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