GREENCLUDED: Your Youth Event Greener — Hungary


ERASMUS+, Key Action 1: training course

Venue: Balatonszárszó, Hungary

Dates: 18—26 January 2024

Czech team: five participants

Please read the info-pack and the project report

Hosting organisation: MeOut Group

Project report:


Environmental issues impact everyone, transcending borders and languages. The younger generation, facing the brunt of climate change consequences, is actively concerned about the environment.

To address this, a shift in attitudes towards nature and pollution is essential. This Training Course provides a platform for proactive young individuals to collaborate, share experiences, and engage in activities that enhance their understanding of environmental challenges. Rooted in non-formal education, the program includes workshops, games, and collaborative activities, aiming to equip participants with practical skills for green activism.


 Our group was composed of young people from Georgia, Slovakia, Croatia, Bosnia, Czechia and Turkey.


A lot of people from our group are youth workers or they want to become. One of our missions was to learn and share sustainable practices in transport, office, activities, recycling, and reusing material

We learn through workshops made by the local community, hiking, walks, sharing useful strategies lowering our carbon footprint.

Another example is cultural night – every country has presented traditions, food, drinks, and interesting information.

We enjoyed a lot of workshops made by the local community – making bracelets from threads and crafting from clay.

And acro yoga workshop has to be mentioned as well. The session was about beauty of trust in our group at the very end of our project.


One of the highlights was a hike where we could make our inputs if we were good at something connected to the topic and wanted to share. For example, we had an introduction to marine studies and, a presentation about trees and outdoor leadership.


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