Greenhouse E-Mission – Poland


ERASMUS+, Key Action 1: youth exchange

Venue: Katowice, Poland

Dates: 18 September—1 October 2023

Czech team: 5 participants  + 1 group leader 

Please read the international EKO dictionary created during this project.

Hosting organisation: Instytut Inicjatyw Lokalnych im. Waleriana Pańki

Project report:

The project called Greenhouse E-missions took place from 18.9. – 1.10. 2023 in the historic Polish town of Katowice, which is also the seat of the Silesian Voivodeship.

  All 15 participants from the following countries: Poland, Italy, Lithuania and the Czech Republic were taken care of and everything was arranged by the Instytut Inicjatyw Lokalnych im. Walerian Pańko’s Institute of Local Initiatives was also responsible for the organization of the event.

  The focus of the project was on ecology, environmentalism and the environment. Although in the first week the workshops seemed to deviate from the original thematic plan. Some would say that digital skills or social groups don’t belong in such a project, but later we understood that in proportion to today’s times even these areas are very important in a world trying to improve the situation on our planet. Working in groups showed everyone that as nations, but also as individuals, we can learn something new from each other. From the second week onwards, lectures were prepared and based on data on the following topics: vegetarianism, carbon dioxide, environmental myths, but also improving conditions in Katowice and more… Lots of new knowledge, awareness, but also unanswered questions and reflections on what I myself could do better?

  I think that due to the beautiful weather most people enjoyed the time spent outside more, when we didn’t slack off, but on the contrary worked on our knowledge. Whether it was discovering the inspiring act of ‘green’ Katowice or researching within the city’s residents about their environmental living conditions, the way of sustainable living and their own knowledge of the topic.

  There were also entertaining and often informative excursions. The beautiful city of Krakow drew us back into a summer of exploration with its many tourists and flock of friendly pigeons. It impressed not only with its architecture but with its many quaint shops. The Nikiszowiec district of the city provided a similar experience through its brick buildings as if we had stepped into the world of Harry Potter. And the small town of Pszcyna, with its very impressively decorated castle, satisfied not only the girls’ hearts.

  Of course, the time spent together was not lacking either. Playing cards, dancing in the evening, karaoke, bowling, exploring the town together or just ordinary human conversations and fits of laughter.

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