Healthier Future Europe – Slovakia


Programme & action: ERASMUS+, Key Action 1: Training course

Venue: Bratislava, Slovakia

Dates: 5-14 February 2016

Participants: Adriana Plotzerová, Ondřej Přikryl, Daniel Přikryl

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Participating countries: Romania, Macedonia, Bulgaria, Turkey, Spain, Malta, Italy, Lithuania, Slovaki and the Czech Republic

Project report:

We came to Bratislava with enthusiasm and curiosity and I have to say that this TC, organized by our neighbors fulfilled our expectation for 100 %. And what was it all about? Well, we have speak about topics like healthy lifestyle, healthy eating and exercising. Finally we found out, how is it with our hormones – leptin, insulin and others which affect our eating habits and why we can still eat dessert after meal, even though we thought we are already full. And if you think, that we have had, just boring seminars you are wrong. 

On first day, we played (like usual) some ice braking games and we passed the city challenge with some interesting tasks in the city. Those tasks involved even communication with locals. Ok, some of foreign participants, couldn’t understand that we can speak Slovak, so we had to explain them, that our languages (Czech and Slovak) are really similar. 


We had some exercising classes, during the next days. They invited trainer, who explained us proper techniques of pull-ups, push-ups and many other exercises. They also explained us when is the best time to work out etc.


Next really amazing and practical activity was the cooking contest! We had a budget of 10 E and 2 hours to prepare a dish and the dish must contain accurate amount of nutrients. It was really fun and we learnt a lot from each other.


We also has free entrance to the gym during the whole project, which was great 🙂

We were working on our own ideas and spreading knowledge and information that we have learned, during the last days,

The outcome was really cool. We prepared dancing Flash Mob at the main square and run tour through the city. Another group prepared the dancing workshop for everybody in the local hostel, which was very cool and even people outside of project enjoyed it very much. 

Well, this was really nice project, and I think everybody enjoyed it pretty much J We also started some cooperation and I hope that in the future we will write new outdoor project together with Slovak and Spanish guys. 

So, thank you very much EYCB for this opportunity to inspire, be inspired and start something new and meaningful

Adriana Plotzerová

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