Climate in Change, Stop by Music — Turkey


Date: 5 – 12 May 2012

Venue: Mersin, Kızkalesi, Turkey

Participants: Petra Němcová, Lukáš Janda, Jan Vacek (GL), Ondřej Serbousek, Martina Pšovská

Project report: 

The project took place in the sunny town of Kizkalesi, a small suburbian area of Mersin city. We were accomodated in a hotel near the sea. 

From our hotel windows we had beautiful view of the sea and a beautiful fort which stood on a small island.
Unfortunately, the surroundings of Kizkalesi were very dirty and there was a lot of rubbish around. However, thanks to this, it was the ideal place for our project the topic of which was Climate in Change: Stop by music. One of the projects aims was to teach people in Kizkalesi to clean waste. The chosen method was a small concert that we prepared with other participants for local people. We prepared for it musical instruments from recycled material. We also composed a song that reflected the principles of how to protect nature and environment. Because of the fact that our audience was formed by Turkish children, the song was in English and Turkish.

Leisure activities were either organized or it depended only on us. Because the project took place in a beach town, most of our activities were swimming in the sea and sunbathing. We also visited nearby ruins from the sultans era. We made a lot of trips around and visited other beaches too.

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