Human of 21st Century. It’s time to become universal! — Turkey


Programme & action: ERASMUS+, Key Action 1: Youth exchange

Venue: Bursa, Turkey

APV (advance planning visit) dates:  16-19 June 2019

Youth exchange dates: 12-21 August 2019

Participants: Daniel Giera, Vojtěch Kolář, Petr Robin, Zuzana Hellerová, Klaudie Pietroszová

Group leader: Tomáš Cieslar

Host organisation:  Young Folks LV

Please read the info-pack & daily programme

Participating countries: Latvia, Greece, Spain, Czech Republic, Turkey

Project report: 


The czech team just arrived from youth Exchange in Bursa, Turkey , where we spent amaizing 9 days since of august till  of august with other participating countries such as Spain,Greece,Latvia and Turkey. The topic of this project was Human of the century that means , that every day we improved one specific competence for example mathematical,foreign language and digital competence.So after finishing this project we should all be modern,active and more employable citizens of the European union.  But dont worry it all wasn´t just about  sitting in classrooms or workshops and learning during the 9 days we also visited the city of Bursa and beautifull city of Istanbul where we spent almost whole day and visited landmarks such as Grand bazaar, Hagia Sophia or the Blue mosque. Almost every evening at 9 pm started cultural evening , where a country had to prepare something to present their culture to others, so every night we were almost teleported to different countries and enjoyed their food ,danced  national dances, sang national songs, tried their tongue twisters and in total enjoyed our time. Our living conditions and the Hotel were good but it had a little flaw because we needed to move 3 times during the 9 days we spent in Turkey but it was a little adiition to the project adventure. To sum it up it was an amaizing project where we learnt a lot and made new friends from all over europe, and I am really gratefull, that I could take a part in this project, the only sad thing is that time passes so quickly.

Tomas Cieslar

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