IMPACT LAB — Estonia


Programme & action: ERASMUS+, Key Action 1: Contact Making Seminar

Venue: Suure-Jaani, Viljandi, Estonia

Dates: 23 – 30 April 2018

Participants: Jakub Miklín, Veronika Svobodová

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Participating countries: Estonia, Italy, Austria, Croatia, Cyprus, Denmark, Czech Republic, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Macedonia, Lithuania, Poland, Slovakia, Slovenia, Romania, Spain and Turkey.

Hosting organisationMTÜ Noored Ühiskonna Heaks 

Project report: 

 Is Estonia the world´s less crowded country? Is it really so cold? Do Estonians ever speak? Are we going to meet nice people there, potential partners? These…and even more questions had overflowed my mind before my arrival to this small and obscure country.

After 8 days surrounded by an astonishing countryside, unblemished and pure nature and breathtaking views from all our rooms I have to admit that all my doubts run away and our minds are fulfilled with unforgettable memories.

The first two days of our project was dedicated for all our arrivals, team building activities and getting to know each other , which was more than useful – we have been group of 18 participating countries.  18!!! Even due to this incredible number, the group spirit and bond with each other which we created during the whole week was something unusual and very, very spectacular.  The mutual ,,click” between all participants in the whole group was considered as one of the best highlights of the week.  Over the next days, the seminar offered us various kinds of topics to present and gain. We have learned about different approaches in increasing quality and impact in our organisations, about Erasmus+ in general, about different fair tools we can use; we have talked about challenges and solutions which we have to deal with as a youth workers.  The greatest asset was the mutual exchanging of good practices and management practices within the organisations, we shared realities of youth work among us, different attitudes and areas of our own research. The most of the participants were experts in the youth field, leaders of organisations so mutual sharing was very useful and discussions very fruitful. We have prepared and visualised the future network among all our organisations, which we have presented in the very professional way. Significant part of the project was the day when we visited two youth centres in Estonia. We had a special opportunity to explore the whole guided tour around them and had also direct interviews with their youth workers and leaders.  The atmosphere and their modernity just amazed us. We have also experienced the special intercultural night, in which due to high number of participating countries we were presenting our countries in original way – well played theatre scenes of stereotype behaviour for our countries. What an innovative way of presenting! I am more than sure that nobody will forget a typical Czech tourist behaviour during vacation in his popular destination ! J The end of the week was devoted for matchmaking of long-term partners and the final conclusion was creating our own projects within our group. Moreover, I have to recognize the work of the host organisation and our facilitators Marco and Marcus, thanks to them went the whole weekly group work smoothly and the schedule was organised. They put a special emphasis on quality of your seminar instantly checking with on-going evaluations. Experience an Estonian night with a beer, sauna and outdoor Jacuzzi twice that week was just a last step to absolute perfection! J

Visiting this amazing northern country was overall a spectacular experience in outstanding nature, surrounded with extraordinary people and all just because and thanks to fantastic EYCB organisation. Thank you for this opportunity and on return, we hope we will bring more future partners for you! 

 Veronika Svobodová

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