Increasing Youth Employment Opportunities Through Innovative Non Formal Approaches — Turkey


Programme & action: ERASMUS+, Key Action 1: Training Course

Venue: Kayseri, Turkey

Dates: 2-10 August 2019

Participants: Šimon Kurečka, Jana Kohoutová

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Project info: 

Turkey, the land of moon and star. On the 2nd August, we arrived at Kayseri, city, in the middle of Turkey, of approximetly 1.4 milion people which blew our minds. People from 11 different countries came together to project called INCREASING YOUTH EMPLOYMENT OPPORTUNITIES THROUGH INNOVATIVE NON FORMAL APPROACHES. There were 2 people from Czech republic, Spain, Bulgaria, Lithuania, Netherlands and the UK, 3 from Italy, Greece, Romania and Macedonia and few more from Turkey, the host country.

When we arrived we were pleasently surprised. The organizors prepared everything, from transportation to hotel, welcoming in hotel to late night dinner and some ice breaking games. First day the trainers, Bojan and Renos continued in ice breaking games and they made us find out as much as possible about each other and also we started to talk about issues id unenployment in our countries, which as we found out, are almost the same in most places in europe. Other days we usually worked in different groups and we tried to present some of the task given. The goal of presentacions wasn’t to improve our English (even tho some of us really need it), but to understand each other, and try to find solutions.

Thanks to Turkish team, we were able to visit the Chamber of industry and Turkish employement agency, to find how they are trying to find solutions to our problems and how it works after education in Turkey.

In the evenings we could find out about other countries cultures, traditions etc. Everyone did amazing job, but the most surprising was everyones interest in the Czech republic, so I recomend, always get ready for intercultural evenings.

              In the end, I would love to return. After few days I felt like we had known each other for several years. Even tho we could get tired at times, we always felt like we learnt something, not always from the sesions, but mostly from each other. When there was a problem, the organizors made sure that i tis fixed as soon as possible.

              The people, the place, the feeling everything stood positive during whole week. And unless something terrible happens, I would deffinetly consider visiting Turkey again. Thanks to everyone who had some doing in the project.

Šimon Kurečka

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