INsight – Bulgaria


Programme: ERASMUS+: Youth, Key Action 1: youth exchange

Dates: 23—31 August 2021

Venue: Plovdiv, Bulgaria

National team size: 4+1GL

Please read the info-pack.

Hosting organisation: Connected for Future

Participating countries: Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Greece, North Macedonia, Lithuania, Poland, Italy

Project description:

Main objectives:

  1. To enable youngsters maximise their individual potential on a personal, social & vocational level by promoting inter- and intrapersonal skills
  2. To support participants overcome self-defeating habits, that prevent them from successfully marketing themselves close to their professional capabilities
  3. To improve significantly verbal and non-verbal communication skills in a social and/or  professional environment.

To complete our objectives, we have based this youth exchange on 2 main pillars:

  • INTRAPERSONAL INTELLIGENCE – How we communicate with ourselves
  • INTERPERSONAL INTELLIGENCE – How we communicate with others

How do you know if INsight is the project for you?

Our goal is to teach you the important skills no one taught you in school.

  1. You want to become more self-aware: You want to understand yourself, enhance your unique strengths and learn to identify your weaknesses.
  2. You want to learn more about active communication, how you connect to others and how can you use body language to your advantage
  3. You feel like you lack know-how and first hand experience for your professional life: how to nail interviews, be good at public speaking or construct a winner CV

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