Intercultural Dialogue through Creative Writing — United Kingdom


Programme & action: ERASMUS+, Key Action 1: Training Course

Venue: Birmingham, United Kingdom

Dates: 1-9 March 2018

Participants: Ivana Sedláčková, Jaromír Sobotka

Please read the info-packdaily activities programme 

Participating countries: Lithuania, Poland, Montenegro, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Portugal , Romania, Czech Republic, Spain, Albania, Republic of Macedonia, Bulgaria Kosovo, Turkey

Hosting organisationYouth4Future 

Project report: 

Participant from 14 countries, one aim: Creativity. Writing. Journalism. Storytelling. Freewriting. Public speaking. Sharing your texts. Explore ways of using creative writing in a life. Are you interested in? We are! And that is the reason why me and second czech participant, Jaromir Sobotka, both decided to take a part in TC Intercultural Dialogue through Creative Writing which took place in Birmingham, UK, from March 1 to March 9 2018


Thanks to the great preparation and amazing organization of hosting NGO and trainer Ilona, TC reached all the above points in a very catchy way. Participant from Czech Republic, Great Britain, Lithuania, Poland, Montenegro, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Portugal, Romania, Spain, Albania, Macedonia, Bulgaria, Kosovo and Turkey, took an active part in sessions focused on various topics strongly connected with creative writing.


Working in different groups, due to the Snow Storm Emma also in different places, different settings, experiencing creative writing but also other methods and tools. During a lot of activities we got to know each other better and better every day, we opened up to each other what was very appropriate for sharing our creative writing, what we did a lot and we were all involved in all the activities and because we were a good bunch of people, we cooperated very easily in a group activities.We were sharing knowledge and experiences through open space. We have learned how to overcome blocks while writiing, how to get inspiration for creative writing and we wrote a lot of creative texts. Our and Ilona´s presentation allowed us to increase our level of English and allows us to be more self-confident in self-presenti ng and p resenting our texts.


Moreover, we experiences a lot about English culture – we had a lot of opportunities to got in touch with local people and the city, we discovered english architecture, english food and english hospitality and got in touch with english native speakers.


To sum up, this TC for made for me. I was surrounded by enthusiastic people interested in creative writing and I learned a lot of new. TC is over but participant will continue to share our texts creative during the TC sessions as well as our texts written after the end of TC. We will stay connected. Thank you EYCB for an opportunity to take a part in this amazing TC!

Ivana Sedláčková

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