No More Silence to Violence — Turkey


Termín konání: Adana, Turkey

Místo konání: 23-30 November 2019

Programme & action: ERASMUS+, Key Action 1: Youth exchange

Venue: Adana, Turkey

Dates: 23-30 November 2019

Host organisation: Grup Akdeniz

Participating countries: Lithuania, Macedonia, Romania, Czech Republic and Turkey

Czech participants: Adam Nieslanik, Jáchym Bielesz, Michael Studenič, Daniel Vozňák, Alena Radová, Filip Štěpánek 

Group leader: Aleš Koupil

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Report from the project No More Silence to Violence


The project No More Silence to Violence took place in the fifth most populated Turkish city, Adana, from the 23th to the 30th of November. The organizing Turkish agency arranged for us a taxi from the airport to the hotel, where we met participants from other countries. 35 people attended the project, seven from each country: the Czech Republic, Lithuania, Macedonia, Romania and Turkey.

The next day we all met in the activity room, where we played “energizers” – short games with purpose to warm up the team and promote group interaction. Then we went to a restaurant for a lunch and organizers told us that we would spend every lunch and dinner in restaurants tasting local specialties. Later, we were thoroughly acquainted with the project program and at the end of the day we learned almost all names of other participants. The next day we focused on the topic of the project, “No More Silence to Violence”. For example, we worked on these questions: what would come to our minds under the term “violence”, what are the types of violence, why violence is so widespread in today’s society and how to stop it.


The day ended with a cultural night, where each nationality of the project presented its country and we had the opportunity to taste traditional dishes. For me, the best were on the Macedonian table.

The following day we interviewed locals and asked about their views on violence in Turkish society. It was interesting to observe what does people of Adana think about violence.


In the second half of the project we had a lot of trips. For example, we visited local social center, which offers free asylum to women who are exposed to violence. We also went to Adana University – Çukurova Üniversitesi, where we learned infos about this university and its Erasmus programs. From the university we had a beautiful view of the Seyhan dam with turquoise blue water. Our last trip was to the Varna Bridge, from which we walked a 7 km trail to the Kapikaya Canyon. The canyon was beautiful and for me, it was the best project activity.

The last day we discussed new project ideas, learned more about Erasmus opportunities and got our Youthpasses. The organizers took us on a tour in Adana and we had a chance to visit local cultural center, where we tried traditional Ebru art – water painting. By the end of the day, we were all very sad that the project was going to end.

I enjoyed the project very much. Everything was perfectly organized. I am very grateful to EYCB for sending me to this project and allowing me to gain a lot of new experiences and make international friends.

Daniel Vozňák

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