It’s not over till it’s over — Turkey


Programme and action: Youth in Action programme, action 1.1. youth exchange

Venue: Kırşehir (Cappodocia), Turkey

Dates: 18-27 August 2013

Participating countries: Turkey, Bulgaria, Romania, Estonia, Czech Republic & Spain

Participants: Pavla Fryšarová, Jana Faksová, Tereza Macháčková, Stanislav Hýbl, Jaroslav Zádrapa, Tomáš Mezuláník

Project report:

Our czech group was on the project „It´s not over till it´s over“ in Kirsehir (in Turkey).  We were there with participants from different countries such as Spain, Romania, Bulgaria, Turkey and Estonia. The members of czech group on project were: Jaroslav Zádrapa, Tomáš Mezuláník, Stanislav Hýbl, Tereza Macháčková, Pavla Fryšarová and Jana Faksová.

The main content of the project was first aid, which is very interesting and useful topic for everyone. On the project we had a lot of funny activites, ice brakers games, meetings and visits. There were intercultural nights every evening, we tasted meals and learned habits of all countries. We deleted our bad prejudices about nationalities. Turkes are really very kind, clever and helpful people. Also Turkish nature is very beautiful and amazing, especially in Cappadocia – place we visited.

We had really great time! It was nice and very interesting experience to meet people from other countries. I would like to recommend this opportunity to all young people who are interested in travelling and meeting new people.

Thanks for everything!

Jana Faksová

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