Kids Wanna Have FUNdamental Rights – Austria


Programme & action: ERASMUS+, Key Action 1: Youth Exchange

Youth Exchange venue: Klaffer am Hochficht + Unterweitersdorf, Austria

Youth exchange dates: 23 June – 9 July 2018

Advance planning visit (APV) venue: Klaffer am Hochficht, Austria

APV dates: 25-27 May 2018

Participants:Tereza Nováková, Daniel Vališ, Hai Nguyen Quang, Adam Mikeš, Tereza Havlíčková, Viet Anh Le Nhat

Group leader: Jakub Pidrman

Participating countries: Czech Republic, Austria, Italy, Romania, Macedonia, Finland, Slovenia, Portugal

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Hosting organisationÖsterreichische Kinderfreunde, Region Mühlviertel

Project report: 

Kids Wanna Have FUNdamental rights. Right! Especially FUN! It was a great time with my new friends and excellent participants in this project. It was amazing to meet new friends from other countries (Finland, Romania, Portugal, Italy, Macedonia and Austria).

I want to say a big thank to the organization of this project. They make a very good job for all 17 days and they woke in our emotions, taste to make new friends and interest in our rights. Day after day we had more friends and knowledge. During the whole exchange, we know more and more things about children rights and how to deal with it, what to expect from education, where doesn’t exist children rights and how they suppress them and many more. Every day make us more comfortable in English and much better to spread our ideas for others participants.

What they all loved was a get to know a new culture. Crazy Finland dances, Austrian Waltz and Sacher cake, Macedonia spicy grips and ridiculous dance, amazing Portugal food and their love for soccer, absolutely delicious Italy pasta and beautiful songs and amazing Romania friends.

This project was absolutely incredible. Every day flows and we want to spend more days with other people. 17 days wasn’t enough. The cooperation between participants was gorgeous. How participants from every country solve problems was incredible. Cooperation to make a great movie about children rights, to make theatre or handicrafts and many more was amazing. After these project, we realise how important is know which rights I have and how important it is for everyone to know about these rights.

                                                                                                                                                                                             Jakub Pidrman

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