Learning 2B Together — Spain


Programme & action: ERASMUS+, Key Action 1: Training Course

Venue: Elche, Spain

Dates: 6 – 12 November

Participants: Eliška Klučková

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Participating countries: Czech Republic, Spain, Greece, Poland, Estonia, Bulgaria, Serbia, Italy, Romania, Jordan

Hosting organisation: Fundación Salud Infantil

Project report: 

Once upon a time, in beautiful city of Elche in Spain, took place one awesome project. We can call it also training course, although it was more fairy-tale than something else. One clever knight, knight Tomas of Elche called this fairy-tale “Learn 2b together” and invited people from 13 countries (Jordan, Bulgaria, Greece, Spain, Czech, Poland, Estonia, Serbia, Italy, Hungary, Romania, ) to take a part in this play. All of them arrived on 6th of November 2017, but they really meet another day. Although they didnt meet just each other, but also a few female knights (Marina, Rosa, Diana) who were helping to prepare everything to make this project working. Whole this crew found their accomodation in chateau Tryp in historical city of Elche, where they were regally hosted and fed like their majesty. 

With full tummies they started to work in one abandoned chapel in the city centre.And they started step by step to love each other. They were playing a few games to find out who is who and from which kingdom. First night they spent by exploring Elche, as game to found Elche’s treasures. They worries were smaller and smaller and their enthusiasm was ripening as fast as tangerines in Spain. Thanks to this, awesome organizators, climate in Spain, Spanish people, palm trees everywhere, and morning portion of jamon serrano were all kingdoms suddenly so close to each other. As a sign of friendship they signed in their minds document refering abou hosting each other in case of need/wish everytime it will be needed or wished. Moreover they were visited by king of Elche’s province in question of media and its connection to gender equality (such a enriching sesion) and princess sexuologist who clarified them some things. 

Main task of this royal seminar was to make a dialogue about reality of the gender role & gender equality in the kingdom’s of each ambassadress or ambassador. To reflect about non-sexist communication, exchange good practices & tools about gender equality based activities with youngsters, analyze & reflect about the way that mass media deals with gender equality and on the end create a Video-Decalogue with practical advices for working with youngsters. And of course they reached all their goals! 

Output of project were 5 glorious videos, which made all of ambassadors and ambassadress so proud with a feeling of good work. Any fairy-tale can not lasts forever one day, on 12nd od November they had to say ‘see u’ to each other, but with heart full od understanding, love And with vision its always good idea “to wear someone else shoes”because this is way, how to understand others steps.

Eliška Klučková

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