Young Researchers for Science: Environmental Awareness through Science — Estonia


Programme & action: ERASMUS+, Key Action 1: Youth Exchange

Venue: Tartu, Estonia

Dates: 22-30 September 2018

APV: 5-8 July 2018

Participants: Monika Křížová, Klára Otepka, Lenka Čálková, Ondřej Zelina, Tadeáš Herentin

Group leader: Martina Novotná

Participants’s fee: €20

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Hosting organisationScience Centre AHHAA a MTÜ Noored Maailma

Project report: 

We were so lucky to had taken part in this project and be able to discover the fascinating AHHAA Science Centre! The reason to organize this youth exchange was Researchers’ Night Festival taking place all around Estonia at the beginning of October. So we were invited to Tartu to participate in this festival. Tartu is a perfect place for students: it´s the second biggest city in Estonia and a city of culture. There were 6 participants from each country: Czech Republic, Hungary, Portugal, Italy and Estonia. Thanks to APV, some of us already knew each other from July and were looking forward to meet again.

For most of us it was the first time when we had to do a workshop for public. But it was fun! As it was supposed to be like the approach of AHHAA Centre. The topics of our public workshops were Wetlands in Estonia, Migration of birds, Energy evolution, Everlasting fashion and Ocean pollution. It was very fulfilling to see AHHAA visitors participate in our workshops and interact with them.

In our workshops divided by nationalities we talked about Material management, Upcycling, Science in Europe, Green jobs and Fair coffee. Most of the workshops were very practical and we learned something useful for everyday life. Even though we were people from different backgrounds, we cooperated pretty well. Some of us had more environmental knowledge, the others scientific one. If the knowledge and experience were missing, our interest in the topic made it up.

We also had two intercultural evenings. We could try many national specialties and dances national dances. Italian pasta wasn´t missing. Every Italian participant brought one kilogram of pasta in the luggage so that we could enjoy it even every evening in our cozy hostel. Our hostel was eco-friendly and therefore connected to the topic. We walked every morning for 20-25 minutes to get from the hostel to AHHAA so that we could wake up properly.

We weren´t lucky with the weather when we had a game around Tartu. We got to know a typical Estonian rainy day.

We all agreed on that this was one of the best projects we have participated in. Organizers took a good care of us. They gave us nice presents with a logo of AHHAA and Researchers’ Night Festival so that we can remember this unforgettable week.

Martina Novotná

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