Train the trainers – It’s up to me 2 – Germany


Programme & action: ERASMUS+, Key Action 1: training course

Venue: Diepenau, Lower Saxony, Germany

Dates: 5-13 March 2015

Participants: Daniel Hron, Michal Sikora, Alexandra Šebestová, Kateřina Martínková, Kateřina Procházková, Bohdana Andruškivová

Participating countries: Croatia, Czech Republic, Estonia, Germany, Greece, Macedonia and Turkey

Project report

An old house in a middle of nowhere, no cafes, no discos and even no supermarket, without internet connection… It seemed more like a scene from a horror film! But it wasn’t! By contrast it was the place where the great training course “Train the trainers- It’s up to me 2” took place.

People from 7 countries all over the Europe (Croatia, Germany, Estonia, Turkey, Greece, Macedonia and last but not least The Czech Republic) came to spend one amazing week together. The week full of new experiences, new friendships and unforgettable atmosphere.

Everybody could find in the time table something interesting because it was overcrowded with various workshops: Methods and tools, Listening, Self expression, Public speaking or Presentation skills. The most interesting but as well the most controversial was the workshop “Non-verbal communication and body language”. Some people liked it, some of  them hated it. The workshop was really emotional and psychically very strong. In my opinion the group got closer after this exercise. The other very useful workshop was called “From learning to delivery” where we had a chance to lead our own small workshop.

We had a possibility to see four completely different trainers in practice. They showed us their methods how they lead a workshop and gave us their knowledge.

Nevertheless the week wasn’t just about learning, practicing and mutual teaching. We had a lot of fun. The most favorite room in the house was the dancing kitchen. It was the place where we cooked our international meals, the place where we felt like a family and the place where we danced.

I would like to wrap up my reflection with a small break storming: dancing kitchen, cheerleader, nice people, tasty food, international evenings and a lot of hard work, new experiences and fun.

Bohdana Andruskivova

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