Puzzle of Diversity: Escape Room for Education — Spain


ERASMUS+, Key Action 1: training course

Venue: Ceuta, Spain

Dates: 28 October—4 November 2022

Please read the info-pack

National team: Barbora Machová, Filip Kouba

Hosting organisation: K’mon Association

Project report:

Training course Puzzle of diversity: Escape room for Education was organized by NGO K’MON from Spain along with NGO Logos from Poland. The course took place at Ceuta which is a European city in North Africa on days 28.10. – 4.11.2022. We focused on human rights and gender equality in touch to escape rooms. This idea of connection education in funny ways such as escape rooms was brilliant. 

There were 20 participants from Latvia, Spain, France, Greece, Romania, Turkey, Ukrainian, and the Czech Republic. 

The accommodation took place in ****hotel right in the center of Ceuta. The food was also delicious. We tried many kinds of fish. 

Right after our arrival, on day 0 we played an escape room. It was amazing! We were divided into 3 groups and every group played in a different room. We could choose between magic, adventure, and scary rooms.

On the first day, we started with many introductions and team-building activities. After lunch, we dedicated ourselves to exploring the city a little bit. In the afternoon we started with the theory of youthpass and how Erasmus + projects work. In the evening the first intercultural night could start. 

The second day was about human rights problems. We focused especially on gender equality, bullying, and migrant rights. We visited the borders with Morocco. In the afternoon we had time to hike and explore the nature around us. There was another intercultural evening in the evening. There we were presented with the Czech Republic. Played some quizzes, watched some funny videos, and ate the best Czech sweets. 

Another day was full of escape room theory. How the escape rooms work. How to create and connect every puzzle. And of course, how to create a story and use it for educational purposes. As the 4. day began we started to create our escape rooms. 

We created escape rooms for the story about buildings and domestic violence. Each room had another topic and story. The aim of these rooms was to teach players about those problems in a funny way. We wanted them to enjoy the game and to teach them about human rights. During the day we found time for swimming in the sea. The water was great!

After this exhausting day but also great and productive it was here. The day when people played our rooms. First, our leaders and the game masters played and gave us some tips on how to improve our rooms. But in the afternoon Spanish people were invited to play. It was an amazing day full of hard work but fun and a great feeling when people liked our rooms. As an award, we decided to organize a private party on the beach. We played games, sang songs, and had a great time. 

This project showed us how can be connected fun and hard work. We found new friendships and explored the only European city in North Africa. So, if you still hesitate – don’t and find your amazing project. 

Barbora Machová

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