Puzzle of Diversity: Escape Room for Education — Spain


ERASMUS+, Key Action 1: training course

Venue: Ceuta, Spain

Dates: 28 October—4 November 2022

Please read the info-pack

National team size: 2 participants

Hosting organisation: K’mon Association

Project description:

Recently several topics became important in Europe and in the world – rise of radicalization, racism, violation of human rights. We think that there is a good way to have a positive influence on society – to educate young people and to deliver proper messages regarding the topics mentioned above.

We had several discussions regarding the fact that traditional ways of education and promotion about these topics are not very effective when working with youngsters. We know that it is quite hard to bring attention of young people when using same old ways and methods of education. Young people need to be fully involved into education process and education must be interesting and even entertaining for them. We also understood that youth workers, youth leaders and NGO workers often lack new tools and ideas on how to educate youngsters, especially in the field of Human Rights Education (HRE).


With our training course, we aim to raise awareness about such issues as gender equality, migrants rights and bullying through making escape rooms, as well as understanding how to use escape rooms as a learning tool.

  • Spread ideas about human rights protection among participants, partner organizations and guests of the training course.
  • Youth workers and NGO workers know and are able to organize escape rooms for educational purposes.
  • Participants are equipped with knowledge, skills and attitudes on new approaches to education, especially Human Rights Education (HRE).
  • Toolboxes on escape rooms (with schemes, scenarios, puzzle explanation, etc) are created and can be used later.
  • Positive impact is made in such areas as gender equality, migrants rights and bullying.

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