Lets Play Life Play! — Hungary


Date: 30 August – 7 September 2012

Venue: Budapest (Nagykovácsi), Hungary

Pax: Jiří Křivánek, Juraj Háder

Programme/action: programme Youth in Action, action 4.3. training course.

Project report:

„Let’s Play Life Play! “ Project took place in Nagykovácsi. There were 10 different nations from 9 countries. There were more than 20 participants. During one week we met new and interesting people and built new friendships. We were able to see different cultures. We got to know many things about countries where they come from, their typical cuisine (typical drinks and food) and traditional dances or songs. We had every day special coffee-break when one country presented their typical coffee or their typical serving of coffee. We visited Budapest as well. During one afternoon we made a city tour, where we saw the most important sight of Budapest.

“Let’s Play Life Play!” was a project focused on play back theatre – one kind of performance improvisational art which can be kind of psycho-therapy too. We have learnt 6 methods of Play Back (Sculpture, Echo, Simple play, Choir, Ambivalence and Linear picture). We have learnt many theatrical games and exercises too. Everything we have learnt we were able to use in the end of the project when we went to the Szegletkö children’s house. 

We spent 3 hours with teenagers there. We’ve taught them these methods and showed them some games and exercises. 

Juraj Háder

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