MediaED Lab — Latvia


Date: 7-16 May 2012

Venue: Riga (first few days) then Bernati, Latvia

Number of participants: 2 who correspond with the following criteria:

– Works with groups of people in age from 15 to 19
– Facilitates or is eager to facilitate in close future learning activities about media and communication themes – training will be focused on media education in non-formal education setting but it might be valid also for teachers
– Has good written and spoken English
– 20 to 35 years old
– Principle of gender balance should be followed within national delegation
More information about the project:
MediaED LAB will connect 26 young professionals who are working to advance media literacy – the ability to interpret, understand and evaluate media and its messages and to
produce media content. The program will provide knowledge and skills relating both to current debates in the creative industries, as well as practices and pedagogy of media education.MediaED LAB aims to create critical, knowledgeable and responsible leaders of creative and media education, capable of initiating, developing and embedding new understandings and techniques in their learning space. Information about state of media education in EU will be summarized and participants
will learn and exchange tools and strategies that can be used to plan and implement media education activities for high school students. Project will take place in Latvia and involve organizations from Slovakia, Czech, Romania, Bulgaria, Greece, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Slovenia and France.

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