No Friendly Fire — Turkey


ERASMUS+, Key Action 1: youth exchange

Venue: Burdur, Turkey

Dates: 20—28 August 2023

Please read the info-pack

Hosting organisatioe: Natu-Rulers

Project report:

Hello! Let me tell you how seven strangers enjoyed their stay in Burdur, learned about forest fires and earthquakes, experienced new cultures, and attended two random weddings.

Our team arrived in Antalya on the 19th of August to enjoy the warmth, local markets, and traditional Turkish Durüm. We met with other teams there and then arrived in Burdur on the 20th of August. The project started a day later.

The most memorable part was the visit to the Burdur fire station, where we dressed up in firefighter uniforms and tried to extinguish different types of fires (oil, forest, tires, etc.) with fire extinguishers and a fire truck. There was a lecture about earthquake survival strategies at the AFAD center, explaining how the chain of command works in case of natural disasters. During the official part, we also visited some sights like Insuyu Cave or the ancient city of Saglasos. The official part was intended to be very practical and dynamic.

During the unofficial part, most of the participants spent their time playing board games in cafes (one of the most Turkish things you can do), socializing with other participants, buying inexpensive souvenirs at markets, playing basketball with locals, or attending weddings (for Turks, the bigger the wedding, the better, so they invite random people). My favorite moment was when a Turkish grandpa tried to teach us Okey (a popular Turkish game) even though he could not speak or understand English at all, but somehow he really did it 🙂

This was the first project for some members, but it was so enjoyable they want to do another one.


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