Mind the Green — Italy


Termín konání: 4-12 December 2019

Místo konání: Bari, Italy

 Programme & action: ERASMUS+, Key Action 1: Training course

Venue: Bari, Italy

Dates: 4-12  December 2019

Participants: Kristýna Liptáková, Lucie Buršová, Lenka Kolesárová

Host organisation: UnionProEurope

Participating countries:Poland, France, Greece, Latvia, Czech Republic, Estonia, Portugal and Spain 

Please read the info-pack

Project report:

Rosanna Bellomo and Noa Philsalis created space to discuss environmental threats and spearhead new initiatives. 28 representatives from 9 countries met in Bari under the auspices of Mind the Green training course.

Since I read the preparatory information kit I was very inspired to apply for this training course. We were asked to come by alternative mean of transport to plane. For longer distance at least no change planes. The food was mostly vegetarian because of its footprint. As a gift for future colleagues/friends we were supposed to bring an old mug representing us or our country. That’s how we avoided buying new things, throwing away old stuff and replaced plastic cups during the TC. It saved minimum 1260 plastic caps during the project. This is very small beginning but it could be very easy starting point in all exchanges. All of these parts promised great involvement.

And what we did? We: 

• calculated our own impact on the environment

• discussed possibilities how to reduce the geographical area where our clothes circulate

• shared initiatives already implemented in participating countries

• learnt creating process of cosmetics and products of daily use from many workshops

• cleaned up the beach to raise awarness in visited area

• met activists working in different fields to get inspired of different alternatives in daily life

• worked on creating informative materials for future dissemination

And as a conclusion of the project, each country have committed to implement its own initiative so the impact of the TC goes further.

During the whole course we were supported by italian activist group and worked with many conscious people from different countries. I recommend cooperation with UnionProEurope team.

 Kristýna Liptáková

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