More Mosaic Everywhere for Everyone Always – Activity 2: Creative Expression – Ukraine


Programme & action: ERASMUS+, Key Action 1: Two inter-connected youth exchanges:

  1. More Mosaic Everywhere for Everyone Always – Activity 1: Active life style – Kobuleti, Georgia, 3-12 June 2018
  2. More Mosaic Everywhere for Everyone Always – Activity 2: Creative expression – Lviv, Ukraine, 23 October – 3 November 2018

Participants: Petr Wolf, Petr Zahradník, Lucie Kroužková (GL)

Hosting organisationMore Mosaic

Project report: 

After 12 days in Ukraine, I have to say one thing: Take me back.

This adventure started on 23rd of October with some difficulties at first. Me and other Czech participant arrived in Ukraine feeling so cold, we could barely stand in Kiev. Arriving at the project venue in a small village near Lviv, we were still cold but after some days we couldn’t feel it anymore and that’s because of the warmest atmosphere we could have wished for.

Thirty four amazing people from Italy, Czech Republic, Greece, Ukraine, Sweden, and Georgia gathered in Pustomyty to get to know each other and explore art and creativity in its various forms. From theatre plays, music playing, face painting to making Halloween costumes and photography. And of course singing and dancing during activities –but also during our free time! There are some small things I will never forget, like our scary Halloween walk by the lake, the intercultural nights when we learned so many new things about other cultures, like Georgian and Greece dances, Italian and Ukrainian songs, Swedish games and so much more! And of course I will not forget the people of this Youth Exchange! Our amazing facilitator Joanna and her activities that brought me closer to my artistic side which I didn’t even know it was there, J and his DJ skills at our parties in room number 6 which we turned into a small club, Anya and her great voice, the Swedish people and their 24/7 mood for partying, my favorite roommate Yurii, the best alarm clock that exists, Lucie who is like my new really good friend, my secret friend Maria and her wonderful gifts, the Ukrainian team who was so helpful and kind, our Czech team who was great and I’m sure will continue traveling together, Bacho and his favorite phrase “What the fuck” which ended up being the slogan of the project, Anna and her sweet character, Rosa and her dances and everyone who took part in this exchange! A huge thank you to all of you!

For me, the best and most important thing about projects like this, is meeting new people, listening to their life stories and making new friends who, although might be so far, it feels like they are so close! We have already plans to meet again in the near future and I’m sure we are going to make it, because, since the beginning of the project, we feel like a big family! I feel so lucky to have met so many wonderful people and I advice everyone who is still thinking about taking part in an Erasmus+ program, to do it immediately; this experience might change your whole view of the world!

Petr Wolf

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