Move to Healthier Tomorrows – Slovakia


Programme & action: Youth in Action programme, action 3.1. training course

Venue: Nitra, Slovakia

Dates: 23-29 January 2014

Participants: Bohdana Andruškivová, Barbora Petrů, Martin Beneš

Project report

From 23rd to 29th of January the Czech group of three people (Barbora, Bohdana and Me, Martin) spend awesome time in really beautiful city Nitra in Slovakia on the project of YiA (Erasmus+) „Move to healthier tommorows“. The topic was about healthy lifestyle of youth in society. Everything started on first day with very usefull teambuilding activities and name games. Actually, on first day I knew that the collective of our project (cool guys and girls from Slovakia, Slovenia, Georgia, Armenia, Romania, Italy, Ukraine, Moldava and Serbia) will be totally awesome and I was right. I had a chance to met really friendly people from different NGOs and also people who are my good friends now. Days after We spend our time on a lots of interesting seminars, prezentations, workshops and of course on sparkling parties and brilliant intercultural evenings. I can say, that now We (the Czech team) are really educated about new things, whitch we didnt know before – How alcohol affects body, We found out a lots of things about new ways of eating and diets, and also We know more about health from scientific view. Our week in Nitra was really usefull for all of us, We spend nice time together and I can say again, that now We are really good friends. (I was happy that I met girls, They were/are awesome and I hope that I will meet them in near future, maybe on some project).

Martin Beneš

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