Moving Toward Health — Poland


Programme & action: Youth in Action programme, action 1.1. youth exchange

Venue: Murzasichle, Poland

Dates: 6-12 October 2013

Participants: Jakub David, Štěpán David, Lukáš Dumský, Nikola Fečaninová, Petr H.-H., Veronika Junková, Petr Juránek, Barbora Knesplová, Pavlína Lášticová, Veronika Netolická, Martin Zeman, Jiří Znoj

Participating countries: Poland, Czech Republic, Lithuania

Project report:

 The project was situated in really small town called Murzasichle. We were there in Czech team of 11 people with Lithuanian team of 10 teenagers and Polish team of 10 participants. All the time we have a mentor, who made a program. Many of us appreciated his clear and précis English and also knowledge about young people and healthy lifestyle.  We discussed the main topic many times during the week, play a theatre, which had to solve some social problem between youth. We did also some workshops related with lifestyle and team building, but much popular were outdoor activities such as volleyball matches, trip to Zakopane and to the mountains. Next we experienced also intercultural evenings with traditional songs, cuisine and beverages from three countries. One of the last days we make up some game and energizers for pupils in the secondary school in Murzasichle where we spent day with children. The game which intrigued me was called Angels. It were group of 4 people who had to make some tricks of games or just funny things during the day and who had to make others happy.  At the last but not at least we presented our NGOs and listed to some information about new program Erasmus plus. Our common time ended in Krakow, where we spent last day with two Polish girls as guides. I think all of us enjoyed this week, especially in Czech team we found each other nice and friendly.

Nikola Fečaninová

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