My Inner Sky — Portugal


ERASMUS+, Key Action 1: youth exchange

Venue: Aldeia de S. Sebastião, Portugal

Dates: 17—26 April 2023

Czech team: Lucie Šafaříková (GL), Denisa Spurná, Samuel Mičuta, Nikola Matušová, Zuzana Olejníková, Jan Černohorský

Please read the info-pack. 

Hosting organisation: Douro Youth (Association)

Project report:

Welcome to warm Portugal. The country of many beautiful places.

It was my pleasure to travel to Portugal to their beautiful country side Aldeia de S. Sebastião,  with other five Czech people on the 17th of April. We couldn’t wait for the project “My inner sky”  which main topic was the mental health, that ended on the 26th of April in 2023. There was a diffrent count of people from each country: Czech Republic, Spain, Italy, Serbia, Latvia.

The journey began in Lisabon, the capital city of Portugal. We met with other participants, and staff support – Isabela Bibrie. It took four hours of ride to the place of the project but it was totally worth it.

The accommodation was an absolutely perfect place for making the unforgettable memories. We were sleeping in the apartments with another 5 people. I will describe you our few days, so you can insight into our memories.

The second day of the project We had the presentations about the project – what can we expect, to set our intentions and priorities about what we want to learn. Starting the point of mandala learners that accompanied us thru the whole project.
In the evening we had first cultural night from Spain and Portugal. Spanish girls are definitely the best dance teachers and the life of the party.

The third day in the morning it started with a Role-play that got us acting like samurais and pirates to help us all to start learning more about the Erasmus+ program.

We began with exploring the topic of mental health, comparing how countries have different views and opinions about it.

We rolled up our sleeves and worked on creating a YOUthfull First Aid kit and wrapped up the day with our Mandala of Learners. Not before solving all the riddles of the treasure hunt.

Stepping on a stage was the first challenge of day 4. We had to prepare short sketch that represented  how mental health is treated in our home countries.
We all agreed that it is very important to create and share more content related to mental health.
At the Hippie/Hawaiian party at the sunset with delicious barbecue, DJ Fernando added to our memories. Aloha, good vibes and fun!

Outside in – that is how we could resume day 5 of our project.
We faced our fear of heights  on the escalade wall and the zip line. We even tried the zorbing. Being physically active was refreshing for our bodies.
We gave some space to our mind and learned about meditation and it was amazing.

We were looking forward to attending  the multicultural night of Italy, Estonia, Latvia and India. And we’ve surely enjoyed tasting of some of their national delights!

Thinking about it all , this project had special group spirit. Everyone was so opendminded, friendly, warmhearthed, jolly.ream. Cooperation between that many nations, realizing that the mental health problems are basically the same. The most important thing we carry away  is the fact that every one of us can do something to make the situation better. During the project, the facility team had created amazing atmospere. For all of us it was only the beginning of new friendships.  Now, when we are back home we can try to realize our ideas and be happy if any of them will come true. We can start to create a lot of helpful things or we can use education as the most powerful weapon to change the world. Everything is up to us!

I would like to thank everyone from EYCB  that mediated the project for us. When we needed to know something they answered us immediately even if it was in late hours at the weekend. Their support and accessibility was on the point. We couldn‘t ask for more, we were just thankful for this opportunity.

Lucie Šafaříková

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