Nature Calls — Macedonia


Date: 12-21 May 2012

Venue: Kocani, Macedonia

Participants: Šárka Košťálová, Matuš Horčik, Robert Melicher (GL), Jakub Čepelák, Barbora Dokoupilová, Martin Beneš

Type: Youth exchange

Project info:

Youth Exchange “Nature calls” will unite 42 youngsters from 6 countries Czech Republic, Albania, Spain, Serbia, Romania and Macedonia. 

Youngsters will connect to nature around them, will learn more about pollution which people are making, and will search for ways to save the life of our mother nature. For 9 days they will explore the endless beauty of mountains, rivers, lakes through various workshops. The final result will be short inspiring movie that will portray the lessons learn and solutions found for preserving the environment, as well as creative management of natural resources.

The project using non-formal ways of learning focusing on self-learning will increase awareness about protection of nature that surrounds us and at the same time will motivate these youngsters to play an active role in this sphere in their society.

This will be achieved through exploring the local environment, identifying the problems  that the local community has and that are connected to nature  and finding creative solutions, all of which will be documented during the last days of the exchange in inspirational and lesson learning movie to be shared with the local community and the partner countries.  Participants will film a short movie dedicated to environment. 

The objectives of our project are the following:

• To raise the awareness of 42 youngsters about environmental problems, forests, water problems, pollution that we make; 

• To give the opportunity to 42 youngsters to search and define creative solutions to different environmental problems and in this way promote environmental protection; 

• To provide space for youngsters from different backgrounds to work on a common problem we all share, to experience diversity and through joint activities to promote tolerance, understanding, accept and respect diversity;

• To reach to youngsters’ creativity and involve them in creative workshops about movie making that will result in the creation of a promotional environmental movie targeting a wider audience;

• To impact local community and raise awareness among local people about environmental protection and European diversity through showing a positive example of European cooperation.

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