Navigate Your Inner Compass IV — Belgium


Programme & action: ERASMUS+, Key Action 1: Training Course

Venue: Antwerp, Belgium

Dates: 5 – 12 November 2017

Participants: Karel Lach, Veronika Šromová

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Participating countries: Sweden, Czech Republic, Austria, Greece, Slovakia, Ireland, Malta, Spain, Italy and Belgium

Hosting organisationConnected Elephant

Project report: 

Hello there!

Earlier this November 2017 there was a great project called Navigate Your Inner Compass happening in Antwerp, Belgium. It was a one week long with about 20 people from various countries (Czech Republic, Slovakia, Austria, Italy, Greece, Malta, Ireland, Spain, Belgium, Sweden and Portugal). From Czech Republic there were only two of us but I think we represented our homeland wellJ.

The organization of the project was professional and without major flaws. Our trainers, Sandra and Dominique, had everything very well prepared.  Maybe one thing that wasn’t that great sometimes was the food. Apart from that, I think that the trainers always knew why we did what we did and how if fit in the program.

The overall atmosphere among the participants was nice and friendly. However, some people found it very hard and intensive to go through the whole learning process. We had a lot of discussions, self-reflections, brainstorming but also some physical activities during which we tried to reconnect our minds to our bodies. We learned how to use compassionate communication, how to work on our vulnerabilities, how we can build trust in others, what is the difference between empathy and sympathy, how to step out of our box while moving and many other things. We also learned new skills in group assignments and working in pairs.

Apart from the training we had so much fun. We were going out for a beer in the evenings, exploring the beautiful city of Antwerp… We also went to the karaoke bar (!), visited local museums and other extraordinary places. We danced, we laughed and we loved the time spent togetherJ.

Karel Lach 

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