MOVEmental — Bulgaria


ERASMUS+, Key Action 1: training course

Dates: 1—8 November 2022

Venue: Sofia, Bulgaria

Czech team: David Stehlík (older), Pavla Chaloupková, Davča Stehlík (younger)

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Hosting organisation: Foundation for Entrepreneurship, Culture and Education, FECE

Project report:

I had many expectations for my first erasmus experience – and Movemental surpassed all of them. I met a ton of interesting people, made new friends, discovered a beautiful city and also broadened my knowledge in a field I love.

The short week in November I spent in Bulgaria’s capital Sofia felt like a month – mainly because I experienced so many things.

The programme made by the organisers was packed so say the least. Some of the highlights i’d like to mention are: visiting the large national gallery, city tour, linocut workshop, discussions about art and creativity, learning about the creation process of Erasmus projects…

The goals of the programme was to learn more about the process of creativity and art in general. We achieved this by participating in various practical exercises and discussions. I believe we all know understands our creative process a little better, whatever we might use it for, and that way be more efficient.

Participants coming from Czechia, Slovakia, Greece, Serbia, Romania, Lithuania and Bulgaria made a wonderful team and I am glad to have met them. Each of them brought enlightening points to the discussions and I will never forget their homeland’s  introduction.

I must also mention our luxurious hotel with a sauna, a gym and a spacious room fit for experimenting, creating, playing games and dancing both during and outside our programme. We are all grateful to the organisers to grant us such a wonderful place to stay.

To sum it all up, Movemental was a unique experience that I’d recommend to all. Organisers did their best to teach us new things about creativity and art and I will never forget this rich week.

David Stehlík (older)

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