Nature Connection — Ireland


Programme ERASMUS+, Key Action 1: training course

Dates: 30 October—5 November 2022

Venue: Woodstown, County Waterford, Ireland

Participants: Petr Jirků, Eva Grolíková

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Project report:

We had a lightning quick introduction to Irish culture on the night of arrival. Unknown to us at that time, “the bus will be here in 5-10 minutes”, is just a phrase and even if the bus driver tells you that it means nothing, the bus can never come 😉. The Irish just love to please people. We were lucky, and the bus came, just a different one and 3 hours later.

At our venue next to the ocean, we met our lovely group made of: 3 Armenians, 3 Spanish, 1 Finn, 2 Estonians, 1 Irish, 3 Romanians, and 3 lovely trainers from Ireland and Finland. All of us formed a great group that supported each other in the crazy, stormy November Irish weather 🙂.

I would say the official motto was: “slow down and listen”. We went through several methods connecting us to the nature: the aesthetic approach, the body check up, loafing, the creative approach, sharing all presentation and tips from all the participants and last but not the least, the practical approach.

The practice was the most intense one, it showed that nothing is really waterproof, but if it is sunny inside (you) then all is well. 

The magnificent waterfalls, the urban forest, the yoga, the mountain hike, the forest at night, the JFK arboretum, and traditional music …. and much more… that was us connecting. 

The grand experience reflecting all areas of life, and mountain of food, for the Irish are the most hospitable hosts and the biggest faux-pax is if there would not be enough food!

All of us are taking back a few extra pounds of knowledge, inspiration, and muscle (maybe😉). Hope to stay connected and share our successes.

Eva Grolíková

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