Our Better World — Poland


ERASMUS+, Key Action 1: youth exchange

Venue: Wojnicz, Poland

Dates: 3—13 July 2023

National team: 5 participants (aged 16—30) + 1 group leader (18+)

Please read the info-pack. 

Hosting organisation: Fundacja Ornament

Project description:

Despite the undeniable need to involve young people in sustainable development efforts, we believe that instruction, awareness raising and dissemination of relevant information among young people still need to be improved. We feel that the environmental education at school is insufficient.

By involving participants from eight European countries, from different origin, experiences and activities developed around the project theme, we will foster teamwork between groups of active young people across Europe. During the exchange we want to leave space for planning future initiatives with the participants involved. In particular, the exchange will increase the sense of initiative and self-esteem, improve language skills, increase intercultural awareness and promote active participation in society among young people.

Current EU policies to support the environment, sustainable consumption and natural resource management, as well as the main policies of each partner country will be discussed, as well as ideas and advice on how to reduce consumption and reduce the ecological footprint of individuals and society.

We will receive guidelines for efficient recycling and the use of renewable energy sources as well as practical tips on how to reuse waste materials. We will discuss the ecological and environmentally friendly activities we are developing in our cities and share ideas, experiences and best practices thanks to which our activities can be easily imitated by our friends. 

We believe that these nine intensive days will help us all to take a sense of responsibility for environmental protection. Our communication and teamwork skills will be developed and our competencies to disseminate the acquired knowledge in our communities will be strengthened.

The end result will be video appeals aimed at like-minded people, encouraging them to take a step towards environmental protection. The film will consist of short clips documenting our pro-environmental activities, interviews with residents and educational talks. The film will give us an opportunity to express our concerns about increasing consumption, individual and societal ecological footprints and other real environmental problems, while demonstrating the potential positive impact of individual choices and simple environmental actions.

Profile of Participants:

  • 5 youths + youth leader (no age limits)
  • With basic ecological experience
  • Communicative in English
  • Gender balance (50/50) = three participants in each team will be female, three will be male,
  • should have a positive attitude towards intercultural learning
  • be open-minded, flexible, and willing to engage in group activities
  • interested in  raising  their  knowledge  on  Erasmus  +  Programme,
  • interested in youth project management
  • interested in intercultural experience
  • motivated share their experiences during the follow up period

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