Our Values, Our Europe — Bulgaria


ERASMUS+, Key Action 1: youth exchange

Venue: Detelina hotel (Golden Sands resort), Varna, Bulgaria

Dates: 16—23 September 2022

National team size: 4 participants (aged 18-30) + 1 group leader (18+)

Please read the info-pack

Hosting organisation: Foundation ECE

Project description:

Our Values, Our Europe will empower young people to become active citizens and through their activities to foster integration and promote the European way of life. The project will encourage young people and citizens to get an insight on the fundamental EU values such as: dignity, equality, democracy, solidarity, rule of law and general human rights.

Each day of the youth exchange will be based on a deeper understanding and comprehension of these values and how they form the European way of life.

Through non-formal education, young people from six European countries will develop valuable skills, such as soft and leadership skills, the ability to understand concrete and abstract concepts such as dignity, solidarity, equality and democracy, analytical and problem-solving skills, such as critical thinking and understand what is important in their lives so that they can bring a positive change to themselves and their communities.

In this way, the youth exchange aims to promote European citizenship and engaging in the social and democratic life. This will raise young people’s awareness of democracy, human rights and increase their understanding of the core European values. The project will contribute to the improvement of the work of youth organisations in promoting democratic values and building competencies in young people for the active contribution to society.

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