Our Values, Our Europe — Bulgaria


ERASMUS+, Key Action 1: youth exchange

Venue: Detelina hotel (Golden Sands resort), Varna, Bulgaria

Dates: 16—23 September 2022

Czech team: Pavla Brejchová (GL), Martin Kafka, Hoang Viet Pham (Vašek), Veronika Římanová, Barbora Šmerdová

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Hosting organisation: Foundation ECE

Project report:

During one week Czech team had a chance to explore Varna, especially the Sunny beach coast, new culture, and mostly level up our knowledge about human rights in the EU.

For some of us, it was the first visit to Bulgaria, and for all our first time in Varna. During one afternoon we visited the city center and the famous Sea garden. I can tell that this activity shows us how locals see European Union and what are the most common prejudices.

Most of the week we spent in the hotel. Due to the support of the EU, we had all-inclusive catering and a comfy shared room and conference room for our activities. One of my favorite activities was culture night. Greeks share with us their rich history and geographical facts, Polish team prepared an entertaining game that taught us more about inventions in Poland. Romanians show us their hospitality and gave us delicious traditional food and drinks.  The Bulgaria team shared their famous rose oil and for the first time, we dance Hungarian dance.

Most of our activities were focused on human rights or knowing each other. We played trials, had several discussions, and share knowledge with others.

Overall this project gave us memories, friends, and the feeling that we are more European citizens.                                                                                                                  

Pavla Brejchová

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